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Engagement Rings

This painting is different because the rings are done in pastels technique i enjoy, but i can seriously never find my damn pastels, man.


Mustard Clustard

This one is liked by a few folks already, so grab it while you can. It is a rare piece in both its color and composition. It has angels dancing throughout if u ask me.

View from a solar flare

This is one i did months ago, but its a classic, it would be spendy but if you really like it maybe we can talk a deal here.

Guitar on the Tree at the beginning of my driveway

Did i mention i paint guitars? Hell, i’ll paint anything. I have a playable guitar that i painted as well. This one is my address marker “Turn right at the painted guitar, dudes.”


This is from a quintet called the Five Seasons. Its a canvas manipulation piece and it is only for sale as one of the group of 5 which can all be yours for $500.00. That’s $100.00 for each painting which as a group depict a blend of turning seasons with a fifth piece to ponder. A fantastic bargain, almost half the rate that an individual painting like this would sell for. I will post the others as soon as i can along with exact sizes.


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