This is one of the best paintings i will ever do, as long as i live. I know because i’ve tried to remake others in its image and they all fall far enough to not even register on this paintings scales. Its colors are like a radioactive storm, or an evil rainbow. I don’t consider anything i do to be dark or negative, and this painting(despite what its title might imply) is no exception. Its hanging on the wall right now at my back, and i’m not scared of it the way i was of the picture my parents had of that crazy laughing clown. This piece represents strength and endurance beyond life, beyond the need for breath or even body. It is the dawning of the next beginning. The Dragon fear that makes men wish they were little boys, so that there fathers could tell them everything was going to be ok.
By the way i believe my brother still has the laughing clown on his wall to this day…

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