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Get ready for the monotone to blow your zone. If you thought i was only the multicolor clown with the pink lipstick frown, throwing blacklines like baseball taints, and splashing housepaints like action Jackson Pollack,
Ill give you the angle, the Renegades of the Underverse,The goddess of the Retchtangle, to redefine your multiverse.
If your skin is only one color, perhaps your soul is made of eight.


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This is my newest piece. It’s simple, but i think quite effective. And while it goes in line with my window series, its different then anything i’ve done, in its simple layout, its unclutterd atmosphere. I love the background, and was surprised how well the lightning bolt showed up.
By the way, i only realized it was a lightning bolt a few days after i painted it. Maybe it’s something else to you; tell me so with all my stuff. i’d love to hear your opinion on what you think i should have named them.

Ok, so i threw lines at it in the dominos. I couldn’t help it. This one just barely passed inspection, after i went in with the white in the base. I almost went too far with the unsymmetrical wisps. But in my opinion, they really bring a cloudy flight to this weird dimension.

comets across a Strawberry Banana spance 3 & 4

vertical monolith

This is a sibling to the other tree monolith, although they were painted about a week apart. They’re both about 8′ by 4′ and this one makes its own unique music against its trees when the wind blows. It was a splatter job, and is even possessing in its folds some chunks of hard, unfluid paint that was unwilling to liquify before being applied. It was through these these chunks that i was able to draw the twisting lines you’ll see, not by touching the paint, but by manipulating the canvas.


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